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Where to find the best lifestyle books for half the price?

Hello everyone! I do apologize for the huge gap in posts but it will not happen again. I will now post twice a week. Between learning about video editing and learning how to successfully and productively post on Instagram, I'd forgotten how I fell in love with social media: Blogging! Twice a week I will inform you about the goings-on in design, travel and entrepreneurship from my eclectic town, its environs or somewhere else around the world! Alright, let's get to it, shall we? Between watching Kiva Brent, Arvin Olano and a cast of other savvy home décor enthusiasts, whisk themselves around Home Goods and glamour us with their finds, I'd decided to give Home Goods a try. Yes, I'd never stepped into a Home Goods before in my life. How was it you ask? I got my LIFE!!! Out of all of the home décor items priced at a much lower cost, the thing that actually made my heart sing were the fashion and styling books that were a fraction of the price you would normally find in a Barnes & Noble, for example. I now only go to Home Goods twice a week (when new shipment arrives) and only look for great books featuring design, fashion, textiles, travel destinations, entrepreneurs...You get the picture! In a span of two weeks, I purchased about thirteen books. Crazy but so worth it. With this I get to delve deeper into the makers of some of the iconic brands I love as well as discover new brands made by some of the most talented men and women of this day. These books are not just coffee table books, I use these books to research my next adventure as well as reference them for the home I plan to purchase in the next couple of years...What books inspire you and in what way?

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