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Time to Hit the Hay!


Hello Everyone!

I shared with you some boutique images in my previous post shot around Copenhagen. One of those images was shot at the most talked about design concept store in Denmark and the design world: Hay. I first discovered this brand while photographing and blogging about Maison et Objet when I lived in Paris.



I remember being surprised at the fun and chic home accessories in beautiful colors. I was instantly attracted to the simple lines and varying textures and colors of some their home accessories and furniture. What I noticed at once was how easily I thought a particular item would look nice in my current home. You may be thinking that that’s a normal thought. Well, in my case it isn’t. I usually don’t buy things just because I like them. I like to admire them from afar for awhile and then if I think they would add to the cosiness of my home, well, another couple of months will go by and then I’ll buy it. Ha!

I invite you to explore Hay through these photos as well as their Hay Mini Market website.

In case you’re wondering. I did take a little bit of Hay back with me to the States. I’ll buy bigger items, like furniture, when I return to Copenhagen… Enjoy!

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