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The Best of Paris..in Copenhagen!

Bonjour à tous!

Today, I bring you Paris in Copenhagen. Just a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of exploring the beautiful city of Copenhagen. One week in Copenhagen is not enough but it was exactly enough time for me to realize how much I miss living in a dynamic city full of great design options and world-class public transportation!

FeliciaShelton-Beau Marché4

FeliciaShelton-Beau Marché6
I should have bought this poster!

I should have bought this poster!

For a number of years, I lived and worked in Paris. I worked as an ESL professor, a photographer, design blogger, personal assistant and personal tour guide, sometimes all in one week! I digress. Wherever I was and however I worked, I always sought out beautifully designed objects and spaces. Beau Marché combines everything that I still cherish about France, Paris, especially, in one unique setting in Copenhagen…a city that takes my breath away. .

I want to thank the lovely owners for letting us shoot there. They made it even harder for us to leave when they offered us glasses of their remarkable rosé. Merci bien et Santé!

Photos by and owned by myself, Felicia Shelton

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