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Strike a Pose!

Hello everyone!

I cannot remember not having a camera in my possession. I remember my mom giving me a cool Polaroid instant camera as a child. When I aimed at my subject, pressed the button and heard that crazy gnarling sound, my heart skipped a beat. I sometimes had to walk away from the film while it was developing, so excited I was! Well, times have changed and I realized if I want my new blog to feel more intimate perhaps I need to start with letting people know me a little better. I’ve decided that it’s now time for me to step in front of the camera, not an easy thing to do.



I got over my fears and my tough self-criticism by simply focusing on what I could contribute to my readers, sharing my photography and travel experiences and not worrying about my my grey hair, for example. We all look good when we’re happy doing what we love. Let’s move on to more important things like, the moment, the experience, LIFE!

I wanted someone to capture my joy and curiosity as I walked through Copenhagen learning about Louis Poulson, Carl Hansen & Søn, and of course, HAY, among others.I was fortunate to have met, Lisbett Wedendahl who took time out of her busy schedule (she was just days from launching her online magazine) to photograph me during this special time in my life. Lisbett made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera! I love what we accomplished that day and I look forward to working with more talented people and becoming a better photographer.

Each day I will work to make this happen.

All photos in this post, photographed by Lisbett Wedendahl. There are more to come!

Have a great day!


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