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Smells Like My Spirit


Hello everyone!

Even though we had snow flurries here Richmond, VA. yesterday, Spring is here! I’m claiming it because Spring is not just a season it’s a state of mind! Bon! All the flowers are trying so hard to seduce me with their gorgeous scent and I’m here for it!

I dropped by one of the best shops in little ole’ Richmond this morning: Na Nin. Here you will find some soulful perfume made by the founder of Na Nin, Kate Jennings. You’re going to love meeting her, but that’s for a later post.

First things first, I love scent. I’m taken to another place in time when I smell a scent that is at once strangely familiar and shamelessly new. The scents that you find in Na Nin, are so earthy, warm, bold and old-fashioned. Does that make any sense? There are not many scents on the market that draw me in and take me to another place but these do. Today, I walked in and discovered Fig Leaf as well as Dark Neroli that made me smile. I really like that she put these particular scents in small, roller ball cylinders. They’re just so special, you want to keep them with you all day. Now that’s an idea! Hmm, I get the feeling that one of these babies will accompany me for my upcoming trip to Copenhagen in June.

Soft yet bold scents, travel-ready and simply packaged.

I see you, Kate!

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