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Riding a Bike for the First Time : Joy on Two Wheels in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has been heralded as the number one city for cycling in the world. The World! Being there for a week, seeing this beautiful city on two wheels completely put me in another frame of mind. I was now obliged to rely on two wheels, not four, to get anywhere I wanted to go and it put a smile on my face every second of the journey! Here I was in Copenhagen where pedestrians and cyclists are respected and protected! Imagine that! Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Claus Hjelm of Recycles, mimicking my sad face as I returned my sweet bike. Love that bike!

I arrived in CPH very early in the morning and therefore decided to roam the neighborhood. I happened upon a really great bike rental shop called Recycles. Cool name, non? Instantly loving the vibe, I asked if I could take some pictures for this here blog as well as rent a bike. Claus, one of the owners, and fellow tall person, knew just the bike I should ride. He adjusted the seat and handle bars and off I rolled the next day, with Barbara for my video shoot and first ride throughout Copenhagen. I will admit, I was nervous at first but quickly learned the rules of the road and thoroughly enjoyed every ride through the city. My third day there, I’d felt as if I’d stepped into Narnia. It was so magical and yet so natural. Love.

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