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Put On Your Top Hat

Hello dear reader! Thank you for coming by my new spot. Let’s have a chat about hats, shall we? Bon! As you can see from my wonderful illustration, I have an afro. The Routine Creative did an amazing job depicting its lushness! Thanks, Alex!

Here’s the situation: I love hats but my afro keeps getting in the way. When my hair is blown out (think teenage Michael Jackson) it’s amazing, but that style is more like my winter hat, made by nature, it’s gorgeous and it keeps me warm. What to do in the summer? My solution, blow my hair straight so that I can wear one of these gorgeous Panama straw hats that you see above. I photographed these yesterday at Kate’s Place. That slate grey one in the middle has my name written all over it. You see more and more women wearing hats and not only to protect their skin from harmful rays. You see, there’s something about a woman in a hat that say’s “I’m on my way and I’ve no time to waste.”. I love that. How about you? Do you wear hats? If so, when, where and why?


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