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PLAYTYPE: A Copenhagen Concept Store

I first learned about PLAYTYPE watching this video, I love how bright and bold the colors and typography are in this concept store. In this day and age I still love to write letters; the movement of the hand and pen let alone the sound of writing on paper. PLATYPE is at once serious and playful. Being in the store gave me a better appreciation for color and print on paper and other mediums. Don’t you love it when you want to learn more about a thing because it simply gives you pleasure?

FeliciaSheltonPlayType 2

When I return to Copenhagen (how can I not?) I would love to purchase a poster or two and some notepads. I restrained myself from buying everything little thing I wanted because …I’ll tell you more later. While I’m in the States, I intend to do some road trips to cities such as Atlanta, Nashville, and Savannah among others. Time to see what’s available in my own backyard before I head across the Great Pond again.

Do you have any shops to share in your neck of the woods?

Have a great weekend!

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