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Pave Your Own Way: Introducing Non Pavé

Hello and Thank you Everyone

Thank you for encouraging me, supporting me and most of all inspiring me. Non Pavé means paving your own way, creating a new path for yourself. As some of you already know, I have traveled a great deal in my life and have had the pleasure of living and working in Sweden, France, and South Korea. Now I just want to inspire others to travel, learn about design (we will learn together) and feature amazing people who have struck out on their own and created a place of their own in this world, no matter where that happens to be. Life as an adventure!

What you are about to see in this video is a dream come true.

I’ve said this a lot in the past few days: Traveling to and experiencing Copenhagen, Denmark was like stepping into Narnia, except Copenhagen is REAL and more magical! Ha! I never expected to connect so quickly and deeply with a place, everything felt so natural to me. Everyone I met, everyone that helped me make this dream come true has become a part of me and has restored my commitment to community and teamwork. This experience has increased the joy and wonder I feel when I make new friends, travel and learn how design touches every part of our lives and hearts. Everyone I meet, you, myself, we all have something to contribute to this world. It’s important to me to photograph, write about and share that with others through this website.

I’ve been wanting to step in front of the camera for some time now.

Barbara Nino is the lovely, talented photographer based in Copenhagen, who took a chance on me and agreed to shoot this video for yours truly. She followed me around Copenhagen with her great eye, energy, and imaginative ideas and captured something I cannot put into words. I’m so very grateful. Thank you, Barbara, with all of my heart. You are paving your own way with your art and passion and I intend to do the same.

That’s what Non Pavé is all about.

Click on the Show more button in the video to find out about all the wonderful places you see in the video.

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