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On Your Mark!: Lisbett Wendendahl

Hello everyone!

Today I want to introduce you to a very talented photographer, Lisbett Wendendahl. Lisbett photographed me in Copenhagen as I visited some of the best designers in interiors as well as in fashion. She’s a lovely person as well.

What I love about her style as well as working with with her, is that her approach to her photography and subjects is honest and natural. Her photography makes me curious about the place, object or person she’s photographing. There’s a mood in each of the images you see that also makes me want to know more about her, her process, her journey in photography.





Her photography is quietly stunning. It makes me appreciate looking at the whole of a thing or place before I begin to really see it.

You will also see the beautiful images she created of me as I fell in love with the city of Copenhagen and all things beautifully designed. I felt at ease being photographed by her and I learned so much as she also educated me on the most iconic designers of accessories, furniture, and fashion that Denmark has produced.

Thank you for everything, Lisbett! I can hardly wait to share the beautiful images you shot for me! I haven’t felt so inspired in ages!

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