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L'heure Bleu : The Blue Hour

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

I am so glad to have a camera in my possession once again. I had the opportunity to work on my still life photography on Friday...in Gordonsville! I've been in love with these antique chairs (they are French, circa 1920) since the first moment I laid eyes on them. While photographing these gems I experienced being in "the zone". I first experienced this in Paris when I photographed furniture and textiles for Caravane. I was inside the most beautiful store (furniture and textiles) in Paris for four hours but it only seemed that I was there for an hour, tops! I simply focused on the lines, curves, lighting, furniture, textiles: Everything. I'm happy to know and feel that I still got it! I won't let it go again. Photography makes me feel happier and more alive. Do you have something in your life that makes me feel this way as well? Let me know what it is. Here are a few shots of those chairs.

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