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Hello Again, Hello!

Bonjour och Hello everyone! My what a semester, year, time it has been! The last post, as you can see, was written in Beijing, China. August 2019, I'd moved to Beijing, China for a new adventure in education. I was hired as a Foreign Language Expert at one of the top schools in all of China. My plan was to work during the day and during my off time, go out into the vast and mysterious city of Beijing and bring you the best in design: interiors, architecture, fashion, textiles, you name it! That is my intention with this blog as it was with the former blog that I started in 2007 when I lived and worked in Seoul, South Korea. The only difference now is the new location.

Why am I now in the States?

Hello, world crisis! As my colleagues and I departed to enjoy our winter vacations on pristine beaches in Bali or luxurious spa retreats in Laos, I headed home to the States to be with family, particularly and most importantly, to be with my beautiful mother. Well, I don't have to tell you what happened in January, now do I? Long story short, I am still in the U.S., classes continued at the end of our winter vacation in February and I've been teaching online ever since! My free apartment, my belongings are still in Beijing as I live and work here in Virginia. Thank goodness for technology in the midst of all of the upheaval and thank God that my state continues to set a good example putting protections in place so that our numbers of infected are lower than the rest of the country. Wherever you are I hope that you and those that you hold dear are safe and sound.

My intention with this blog, in the place and state where I am now and in the future, is to confidently and consistently introduce you to the best of design, travel, and innovative entrepreneurs no matter where I am. Right now, I am in Charlottesville, Virginia. Some areas of Virginia are in Phase 3 and so I will connect to those people who feel comfortable enough to be interviewed and photographed. The summer has begun, we must continue to diligently protect ourselves and others all the while pursuing our goals, our heart's desires. Welcome to Inside My Travels and thank you for being a part of the journey. I'd love to hear from you, get to know you and your interests and goals. Wherever you are in the world, don't be a stranger. We're in this together.

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