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Gröd: Danish porridge, the breakfast of Vikings!

I almost didn’t take a picture because I was so hungry. Glad that I did.



Good morning everyone!

One of the highlights of traveling is tasting the cuisine. Whether you’re about to bite into your first pain au chocolat or sip your first soju, food is how you can experience and delight in a new culture. One of my favorite meals of the day is breakfast. There’s nothing like cooking a healthy and delicious breakfast to start my day before heading out into the world. I cannot eat junk for breakfast. I work too hard and know too much about what good food is and what it can do to ever be satisfied with an egg mcmuffin. It’s not even real food! Moving right along.

Breakfast in Copenhagen…

One morning I decided to have a second breakfast (yeah, I’m greedy like that) and headed out to Gröd on Guldsbergsgade. I ordered the oat porridge that came with apple and vanilla compote, skyr and three-grain granola. I loved every single spoonful, savored it all. The skyr reminded me of creme fraiche, and the porridge itself was warm and creamy. This would’ve been even more delicious on a cold and rainy morning. When I get back I’ll have to taste the porridge menus for more breakfast but also for lunch and dinner. Yes, dinner. Thank you, Gröd for giving me a taste of how Vikings start their day!

Where do you live and what do you eat for breakfast?

Happy Monday!

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