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For The Love of Summer: Dive into Summer at Island’s Brygge!

Hello All! Now if you’re in America, in the South especially, summer is not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s so hot and sunny (not complaining but kinda’ am) that most people run for cover even after a couple of hours at the beach. Summer doesn’t last as long in the northern hemisphere. I met some really interesting people when I was Copenhagen and they’ve since told me that the Fall is in full effect. They’re so lucky.



My photos here were taken at Island’s Brygge. Next time I’ll put a bathing suit on under my clothing because I really wanted to jump in and join the fun! The fact that the harbor is so clean made me love Copenhagen even more. Imagine not smelling like chlorine cooling off at the pool! Ah! Summer in Copenhagen! I really like the last shot I took of a bunch of friends having a party on a…I don’t even know what you call that thing, but the guy in the water arrived with a suit on and quickly stripped down to his boxers and jumped in! I guess that he couldn’t resist. Who could blame him?

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