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Design Haven at Beaumarché in Copenhagen!

All photos by Felicia Shelton

I’m back and I’m never going to leave you alone again. So much has happened like work work work work work (yes, like the song by Rhianna), preparation for the holidays with family and close friends, well, just like you, LIFE. You know what, that’s not really true. I believe that I just let “LIFE” edge me out of what I enjoy doing here: Sharing great design, travel and ideas here with you. I blog because I love to showcase things that interest me in terms of design and travel. So here goes more and more blog posts about my discoveries in what I hope to be my new place of residence. What?! Oh yes, so much to tell you but first more Parisian-inspired musings while I was in Denmark!

Hold on to your wallets! I take you now to Beaumarché!

In French this poster says “the flavor is in the fat”. LOL!

All Photos by Felicia Shelton

Barbara Nino and I decided to do some filming for my blog at Beaumarché. Visiting this boutique/café/wine bar in the middle of Copenhagen truly took my breath away. I was in interior design heaven! The lovely owners, Danish sisters whose family actually cultivates their own wine in France,  invited Barbara and I for a lovely glass of rosé while shooting. Danish hospitality! Love it! Here you will find eclectic finds for your home from all over the world in a beautiful location. It really reminded me of my jaunts to Merci but on a much smaller, more intimate scale. The café bistro is in the courtyard and it’s just as stylish. Great place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Simply lovely!

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