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Dansk Made For Rooms: The Last Shall be the First.

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

All photos by Felicia Shelton

Walking and biking all over Copenhagen, I came across several gems in the capital’s design crown. Dansk was my last stop during my visit to Copenhagen and wow, I must say, that I liked it more than all of the others. Why? It was smaller, more intimate. I felt as if I was actually at an artist’s studio or an actual design studio. Every object felt especially curated for that shop based on what the company wants to share with their customer not necessarily what they think is particularly of the moment.

I know that every business, if they are to be successful, must sell their products. However, I didn’t feel put upon to buy anything which strangely enough made me want to BUY EVERYTHING that I saw. Why? Every thing I saw and held or leafed through resonated with me. They were simple things of beauty, functionality and quality. Quality over Quantiy = Possibilities. Thank you Dansk! Thank you Marj (holding the Kreafunk mini-speaker) for your chic and friendly way. I think you’re great! Thank you for taking time out to educate me on what this company stands for and making me an instant supporter.

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