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Breaker of Chains? A Home Goods Tale

Bonjour everyone! We are experiencing a heatwave here in Virginia but that has not stopped me from discovering the wonder of Home Goods. This discount home décor store is now on my radar and will probably remain there for quite some time to come. Thanks to Arvin Alano, I now know that this discount chain can be fun as well as inspirational when it comes to being an interior décor resource. I am now a fan of his channel and cannot begin to get enough! We have similar tastes when it comes to textiles, textures, and color but what's most appealing about his eye is that he can pull from costly brands such as Restoration Hardware or budget brands such as Target. Why am I telling you this, well, he's the reason for the title of this blog! Long story short: Arvin featured these solid wood, sculptural chains (there was a set of 2) in one of his videos, and I as well as everyone else, commented on them. A commenter reached out to me because there were none to be found in her state, there were plenty of them at my local HG store here in Va., and I'm now sending them to her. Smiles for everyone all around! I am not the Breaker of Chains, more like the HomeGoods Fairy. I had fun playing with them that's for sure! Check me out! LOL!

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