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Book Review!: Travel Home

Hello everyone! I am here to tell you that if you care about what makes a room, a home, a place beautiful, you need to get this book, published by Abrams. Travel Home succeeds in conveying how one's sojourns to foreign lands not only affect your work as a designer but also affects the most intimate and sacred space that you inhabit: your home. Mother and daughter Julie Goebel and Catlin Flemming teamed up and created a book that makes you want to travel to distant lands but also gently urges you to reflect on how the objects that you collects in your travels influences how you live in your home. While reading this book, I recalled my time lived in Asia and Europe. How I myself have collected things over the years but as I myself have moved a great deal both here and abroad, I now want and NEED to take those things out of storage. This book makes me want to create a real home where I have thoughtfully placed textiles, objets d'art and even clothing, around the new place that I call home. The authors interview various designers, highlighting their varying approaches and attitudes towards travel. The designers featured here give you insight into their approach and attitudes towards travel, resourcing, reseaching and designing homes for clients and as well as themselves. Peggy Wong photographed each designers home so intimately, so thoughtfully. To know who to photograph interiors is no small feat. Brava, Ms. Wong! At the end of each interview there's a section titled "10 Reflections on Travel". Question no. 10 is my favorite: "If you could board an airplane tomorrow, where would you go?" My answer: I'd go back to the South of France. Let's hope that after all is said and done, we'll all get to board a plane and enjoy a much needed time away and may we all be happy to return home.

All photographs in this post photographed by Felicia Shelton, that's me! :)

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