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Bahn Mi: Cooling off with a spicy dish in Denmark

Some things you just can’t keep to yourself. Today I want to share with you a lunch spot I’m planning on visiting again and again in Copenhagen: Bahn Mi . As I may have mentioned in an earlier post, the week that I was in Denmark was the hottest it had been in ten years.

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Eating this cool, wholesome mixture of vermicelli noodles and fresh vegetables was a welcome respite from the sun and humidity. Bahn Mi is located in hip-as-hades Nørrebro. I like this district because you could have lunch at Bahn Mi, walk down the street to HooHa and get some great clothing and accessories and then chill with friends at one of the many cafés on any corner. The buildings and the streets really reminded me of Le Marais, my favorite neighborhood in Paris. Everything is in close walking distance in this neighborhood. Gotta’ love that. Meanwhile, I’ll try to recreate my meal with this great recipe.

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