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A moment in Nørrebro: The Paris of The North

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Hello everyone,

I’ve been away for a while dealing with a major change within my family. I’m slowly but surely moving forward but let’s just say that this change, this loss has made me realize how glad I am to be in the United States, close to the ones I love the most and who love me.

I’ve missed you. Let’s move forward together shall we?

I cannot deny that Copenhagen is now a part of me, one that I will continue to share with all of you. I know I know, it’s been about two months since I traveled there, but it was amazing! Today let’s go to Nørrebro!



Only having two days left in Copenhagen, I followed the advice of many (a first for me) and headed to Nørrebro on my bike. Immediately the streets became narrower and I noticed people sitting with friends on the terrace of many charming cafés. I also noticed the quiet. I could actually overhear conversations because I decided to walk around in the neighborhood. I parked my bike and explored on foot. It felt like a chic little village in the middle of the city. It felt like Paris in Copenhagen, more specifically, Le Marais or Oberkampf neighborhoods in Paris.. I noticed how diverse it was, how hip and undoubtedly funky it was. The colors, the architecture, how everyone seemed to know each other’s name…it felt like Paris before it became so aggressive and dark. This is not a post about Paris though. It’s about a neighborhood in Copenhagen that I wouldn’t mind living in…Stay tuned.

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